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Jennifer Henry

Jennifer has been helping people understand abstract and complex concepts to improve efficiency and effectiveness and better meet organization goals for over 20 years.

Her voiceover career is a happy result and strongly helped by several threads in her history and personality.

First, she has been speaking to others since she gave her first speech to her Junior High student body several decades ago. She presented research projects, taught during graduate school, won contests in Toastmasters, and finally noticed that her favorite part of her (previous) job was speaking to groups.

Second, her aptitude has carried her from one technical topic to another. She began with mathematics, earning a PhD from the University of California at Davis. But her undergraduate educators knew that mathematicians also needed “practical” skills, so she also studied computer programming, so that her first “real” job was as a developer for a Defense Contractor. Over the years she earned certifications in project management, and defense financial management.

Add to that her love of reading – she always has at least one book underway, and has read everything from classic Russian literature to classic science fiction, from murder mystery to cosmic mystery.

Lastly, being an introvert, while she does enjoy standing before the room to present, she is also content to be tucked into the recording studio speaking to her unseen audience. She has experience, understanding, and energy, and while she records for you, she is engaging listeners.



With a non-fiction and technical focus, Jennifer specializes in eLearning and corporate narration and takes pride in engaging her listeners.





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